Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

The End of this Blog.

This is my last post. After this, I will cease being active on this blog.

Firstly, I've decided against deleting it, simply because there is about three or so years worth of entries on it, and it seems a bit of a waste to just wipe them out. Also, for the people who do read this, deleting it seemed kind of wrong. But I've disabled comments, and I won't be posting here again. I won't be posting anywhere else, either. There's no new blog, no new online shanty town that I have created or aligned myself with. Maybe that'll change, maybe it won't. Today's feeling is it won't. Today's feeling is all about leaving the 'net for a while. There are reasons, of course, and maybe they aren't the best, but they're mine: and in keeping with the rules I've put on this blog, I won't be going into them. Oddly, it's to stop myself talking publicly about this stuff that I'm stopping the blog. Call it the final act of respect. Call it whatever you want. I'm not much fussed.

I want to add, before I finish, that I've appreciated everyone who has found their way here more than you could imagine. There's never been a reason for you all to stay, and I've always been conscious of that.

And that's that.


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