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The Way to View the Fantasy Trilogy (It's a Leg of Ham)

From this day on, I will be referring to Fantasy Trilogies as Legs of Ham. A big, greasy, fatty leg of ham, at that. I will be doing this because devinjay has changed my life and the recognition must go to him:

Think of it [the fantasy trilogy] as ... uh ... eating the whole ham, instead of just having a couple of slices with gravy.

Some days, I want a snack.

Some days, I want to hole up in my room with a ham.

(Okay, maybe not the BEST analogy.)

But it is!

Fantasy trilogy readers everywhere: Show your legs of ham! Show your jaws when they are covered in fat and meat from gnawing through to find the bone! Show your gluttony! Don't be afraid! Your secrets are out! I see you all!

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