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I Shower.

From Wired:

"Waterproof books, used mainly by skin divers and foul-weather hikers, are finding a new audience among people who simply enjoy a nice warm bath.

The new dunkable books are made not from trees, but from plastic resins and inorganic fibers.

Melcher Media, a New York-based publisher, is promoting books that are manufactured using a technology it calls "Durabooks." The books' pages don't absorb water, and they stretch instead of tearing. Other companies make waterproof books with standard wood-based paper that is heavily laminated in the printing process."

And the book in question:

"Water -- the most sensual of elements. Consider its nature: it can be gentle, warm, delicious. It can trickle over your body, dampen your skin, wet your thighs. You might be caught in the rain; first a sprinkle, then a drizzle, then an engulfing downpour, a torrent, a tempest -- which suddenly dissipates to a fine mist, leaving you drenched, deluged, flooded. You can immerse yourself in a steamy shower, a tub, a pond, a can even dance in a puddle. Or you may prefer a tropical lagoon, a harbor, a gulf, or a sunny, secluded cove. And of course, even if you stay at home, there's always ice. Ice cubes, icicles...and after the ice, the thaw.

Aqua Erotica is a new anthology of writing from some of the best of today's authors. As well as being a sexy, intelligent, and engaging read, the book has a special extra feature -- it's waterproof, from the pages to the ink to the glue in the binding! Read it in the bathtub or on the beach -- leave it immersed in the pool. It'll be perfectly readable when you take it out again, and we hope you choose to read it over and over and over again."


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