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SCIFICTION Appreciation

Unlike most, it appears, I wasn't shocked by the decision to close Sci-Fiction. It was part of the corporate controlled arm for a channel in the States, paid well, and didn't require payment to read it. I just figured that one day there would be a change in management and the new management would do what new management always do and that's cut out the projects that brought in no money and which could be easily associated with the previous management. Whether that's what happened or not, I've no idea, but I just always figured there would be a finite time for Sci-Fiction--perhaps it was simple cynicism at big business. Well, it probably was (and is) but I'm not going to turn this into a Soul Sucking Corporations Will Ruin Us All Post. This post is about fiction, and Ellen Datlow published some good fiction over the years through the site. I figure that is worth mentioning.

So, I want to bring your attention to this idea by David Schwartz:

By my count there are 320+ stories archived at the site. I'm willing to bet that there are that many SF writers/critics/fans/what have you who have some sort of presence on the web. So I'm thinking, let's all of us write an appreciation of one of the stories.

And so people are.

I've put my name down to write about Lucius Shepard's Jailwise, for various reasons that will be written about some time today (I want to read the story again, first). Still, besides me, many fine people are over there picking stories they want to write about, and I reckon if you liked a story that was published over there, if you enjoyed the site at some stage, it's a little idea worth getting in on.

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