Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

If I Could Get A New Life I Would.

Phd review today.

It was short, simple, and pretty laid back. The kind of review you have when you arrive with a big yellow envelope that is your novel and academic dissertation, and on top of it the publications you've had this year. It gives the illusion of being someone who knows what he's doing instead of being tired and burnt out on just about everything related to it. This is what I call the I'm-Almost-Done-Feeling.

I said, "It'll be done by the end of February."

My Supervisor said, "We've until the end of March, at any rate."

That's the deadline and, assuming there are not huge fuck ups, I'll get it. I've no choice as I've no desire to pay the course fees, which is what'll happens if I fuck up. And after that, and assuming markers don't hate it, I'll be educated at a faintly ridiculous and useless level, and thus begin whatever new thing I decide is worth doing. Maybe I'll start reading tarot cards at the markets. Who knows. Whatever keeps me amused until I die, really.

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