Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Wolfmother, Live at the Roxy, 5th November.

It's been a while since I went out and heard music.

Guess it has been for a number of reasons, none of which are relevant here, but I heard about the Wolfmother gig a week back, and it was thirty bucks and local, so I figured it'd be the go. Wolfmother has a pretty good live reputation and L. gave me a copy of their EP while I was at her place in Bundaberg. L. is a glorious music nazi, so when she really digs something, it's usually worth checking out. She had also seen them live at the Big Day Out this year and gave them the Music Nazi Nod of Approval, which is important.

So, not having been to hear music for a while, I went. It was at the Roxy in Parramatta, and just like every other time I've been there (including the years of working as a projectionist when it was cinema), my photos came out much worse than I'd anticipated. These are a bit messy, for which I apologise, but they're the best of the lot. I think perhaps the photography karma god is telling me something about the Roxy and my little digital camera.

At any rate, Wolfmother begin somewhere when Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix and, perhaps even, the Doors, were all in their moment. Before drugs and death and reality TV stole everything, I guess, and so you get that 70s love-psychedelic-acid-rock side of music which is in pretty rare these days.

And it's good.

Wolfmother are on stage for an hour or so and it feels like fingers snapping together. It's bright, it's loud, it's full of screaming, and it's just cool. Spend your thirty bucks and jump round with guys and girls just out of highschool and with cans of beer lined at their feet, middle aged guys that look like their fashion and hair sense stopped when they left highschool in the late 70s, and, yes, even the bald cynics in their late twenties.

There'll even be stage crashers.

Actually, after about the fifteenth stage crash, I was a bit over that side of the gig. I kept waiting for security and roadies to begin beating each subsequent crasher. I might have applauded the brutality by then. Definitely would've had pictures for you, though, for I am that kind of guy. Whatever that makes me.

The opening act for Wolfmother was Mess Hall, which were also pretty neat, a more rock heavy version of the Black Keys, I guess. Like the Black Keys, however, after about forty minutes of watching one guitarist and a guy in a drum kit, they get a bit boring. Still, I liked them, and maybe the Black Key's comparison isn't quite right. I'll stick with it for the time being, however, and if you get the chance to catch Wolfmother and Mess Hall, I fully recommend. It'll be fun.
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