Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

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Human Nature.

the movie, not the band.

in fact, when i got called about this movie, my response was, 'but i don't want to see a shitty boy band.'

anyhow, the film is seriously faulted. it's basically about sex, and a woman who has body hair, a man raised to think he was an ape (by his father in such a way), and another man obsessed with table manners. they all want sex. that's the common link, and it's a touch weak in this situation. surely with such odd things, there could have been a better thread to bind them and run the plot of the film? anyhow, the film does have a certain weirdness that keeps one going, and the acting is serviceable. miranda otto is wasted as the sexy (or trashy) assistant who speaks with a french accent.

however, the film does have a midget, and a woman covered with body hair, plus a couple of table mannered mice, and the uptight parents are pretty funny. a person could do much worse if they went to see it, but they could also do somewhat better.
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