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Human Nature.

the movie, not the band.

in fact, when i got called about this movie, my response was, 'but i don't want to see a shitty boy band.'

anyhow, the film is seriously faulted. it's basically about sex, and a woman who has body hair, a man raised to think he was an ape (by his father in such a way), and another man obsessed with table manners. they all want sex. that's the common link, and it's a touch weak in this situation. surely with such odd things, there could have been a better thread to bind them and run the plot of the film? anyhow, the film does have a certain weirdness that keeps one going, and the acting is serviceable. miranda otto is wasted as the sexy (or trashy) assistant who speaks with a french accent.

however, the film does have a midget, and a woman covered with body hair, plus a couple of table mannered mice, and the uptight parents are pretty funny. a person could do much worse if they went to see it, but they could also do somewhat better.


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Dec. 29th, 2002 08:26 pm (UTC)
Human Nature. Wasn't it the lead singer from that "band" that wanted to go into outerspace? I think I read an interview with him and it sounded like he lived fairly close to outerspace already. What with a retinue of fawners and admirers, agents, minders, and rap artists singing his praises. Oh mommy, he complained, I don't like this accomodation it's too quaint wah wah wah, where's my evian? Then he is from the *shudder* US. Everyone who lives there is living in outer space as far as I can tell.
Spolit little shit should try the accommodation I've had to deal with in my lack luster career, dingy dressing rooms separated with just faded fabric, quick changes trying not to touch anything, even the ground, in filthy backstage toilets. Imagine trying to make ones self up outside in a trailer, and not the fancy movie star ones, I'm talking box trailer here honey. Flooded with natural light it's just impossible to get one's facial tones right.
But not for the lead singer of human nature no. The white michael jackson they call him. huh
I thought michael jackson was the white michael jackson
Dec. 29th, 2002 08:51 pm (UTC)
actually, i believe that it was some guy from N*SYNC. if my memory for pointless information doesn't fail me entirely, then i believe it was lance storm, if that can possibly be his name.

i'm hoping i'm wrong, you know. i should go kill off that brain cell.

(human nature is the australian boy band, BTW.)
Dec. 30th, 2002 06:45 pm (UTC)
Yes kill that brain cell because you are absolutely correct! Kill it or send it on a tropical holiday during the budget winter season. It was Lance Storm. I knew he had some name that made him sound like a complete dickhead and yet was somehow sexually appealing.
Oh Lance Oh Lance
Rain on me!
Speaking of sex I just found out the meaning behind the phrase "The rabbit died". It was one of those 'are you 18 years old' questions you had to answer before Leisure Suit Larry: looking for love in all the wrong places would start up. APPARENTLY if you inject the blood of a pregnant women into a rabbit, it dies! How HORRIBLE!
Did you really call the hotline? And do they really disguise their voices? How am I meant to trust an electronically buzzing voice? I believe it is every Australians responsibility, if they truly love our existentially meaningless, overfed, consumption driven, rape the third world society, to call that number and make a prank call several times a day every day until this absurdity ceases!
Christ almighty. What are we paying ASIO for anyway?
Dec. 30th, 2002 07:56 pm (UTC)
actually, i didn't call. i rather doubt the voice is electronically muffled, but whoever you speak to will be using a fake identity, i assure you of that.

it's just a nasty satirical thing. i'm a bit pleased with the outcome, myself. i'm tempted to call them anyhow, but i don't actually know the number.

that rabbit bit is disgusting. how do you find out these things?
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