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The Two Towers.


be aware that there are minor/limited spoilers in the following post about the two towers.

i saw it, i'll have you know, in a movie marathon on boxing day. the fellowship of the ring played before it, followed by the second (and newer film) the two towers. say what will be said, but in the end, at five in the morning, the film was still holding my attention. so it's okay. basically, if you liked the first, you'll like the second, even if the frodo and sam bits are as boring as they are in the book. and, lets be honest, poorly plotted.

after watching the two films, i came up with a few realisations:

1) for a ring of power, that everyone is so shit scared of, it doesn't do anything. you would think, that a ring which apparently holds sway over all the races, that frodo would be doing things like reaching into the minds of those around him, or bending gollum to his will, or doing anything that goes along with what the ring says. i mean, it's a ring of power, isn't it? how does 'turning invisible' fit into the ring of power?

2) what happened to the other rings? the elves still wearing theirs? the human kings got turned into wraiths, by all accounts, but what about the others?

3) if the third film is going to be called return of the king, don't you think, perhaps, aragon should've started acting somewhat king like?

4) i mean, come on, it's a ring of fucking POWER and it only turns you invisible and drives you insane? give me a break.

5) split personalities on screen never ever come across tragic.

6) "hello, i'm gimli the dwarf, and you can call me comedy relief."

7) "hello, i'm legolas the elf, and you can look at me."

8) gandalf the white was stupid in the book, and stupid in the movie. i think it's all that pristine holiness and righteousness that he suddenly gets, whereas gandalf the grey, who had those things, had a nice air of shaby pot smoking fun that was a good cover.

9) if you end the second film on a happy note, what dramatic tension is there for the third?

and finally--

10) can't i have more of the balrog?

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