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Year's Best Reprint + A Review.

So, while I was away, I got an email from Angela Challis and Shane Jiraiya Cummings as they wanted to reprint 'Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)' for the first volume of their Year's Best Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2005. Which is cool. That little story has gotten an excellent response, and I suspect the reprint there is the final step in that.

Also, my story 'An Examination into the Chinese Made Roman Toga' in Full Unit Hookup #7 was reviewed at Tangent Online:

“An Examination into the Chinese Made Roman Toga” by Ben Peek starts off by warning you to not trust what is written. While at home, Martin Grook disappears in front of his wife and reappears in the middle of the ocean, only to disappear again five minutes later and end up in London. As he continues to teleport all over the globe and eyewitnesses continue to encounter him, a global social movement is born. This humorous tale leaves you feeling sorry for Martin Grook and thinking about the nature of faith and religion in general. The story is experimentally laid out--the dialogue is not marked by quotation marks and Peek indulges in many of the things you’re told not to do when writing a story, yet he does it in a way that works. But don’t trust what I've written here: read the story.

Buy it here if you're curious.

I do find it odd that dialogue without quotation marks is see as experimental, but hey, maybe I introduced the reviewer into a whole new world that is actually pretty mainstream. Plus whatever else I did that you're not suppose to do... as if you were ever suppose to listen to those rules, y'know?

But he liked it, and that's all that matters.
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