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Real Gone

Be round for the rest of the day, but I'll be finishing up, preparing stuff, so this'll be the last post here until about the 8th.

I'm off to Bundaberg, Brisbane, and A Mountain. Or so I have the vague memory of being told for the last and it's catchy, so I've not questioned it. More of interest, I imagine, is the threaten of a dirty, roach infested pub filled with illiterate man-children that has been given to me. Apparently, I will be chained to a chair and forced to watch the league grand final on Sunday in Bundaberg in said pub of evil, so when I return, I won't be as pretty. Likely because I was taken out behind the pub and beaten to an inch of my life for having no interest, or because the West Tigers won and Queensland natives needed a sacrificial Sydneysider and quick. Either way, there'll be pain.

I'll be in Brisbane for Monday night and there's some vague plan of making Ben Payne (benpayne) show me sad clowns, but it's up in the air. You got anything to recommend, drop a line.

So, later. Be cool.
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