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The Spam That Angeline Hawkes-Craig Sent Me, Part Two.

Some of you might remember that last month, Angeline Hawkes-Craig spammed me. Well, this morning, I got an email asking if was Ben Peek (and not the Ben Peek who works in the communication industry, I imagine) and she left a note on the message board. Turns out she was looking to make an apology, and here it is:

Hello, Ben.

A reader sent me the url to one of your past blogs
this morning and I thought I should contact you with
an explanation.

I keep a list of emails of people who may be
interested in my fiction -- sent to me by readers who
think this person might be interested, of writers
associated with the same publishers as I am, and of
people who leave messages in my guestbook and/or blog.
Apparently you made it on that list. Since I can't
find a website for your work, I can't see if you are
associated with a mutual publisher, and you aren't in
my guestbook/blog. So, a reader must have thought you
might be interested.

You know, a simple who the hell are you and why the
fuck are you inviting me to your yahoo newsletter
email would have sufficed. Your insulting tirade
showed a very high level of unprofessional behavior.

However, I do apologize that you made it onto the list
to be invited to the newsletter and I am sorry that it
enraged you so much. Somewhere someone thought you,
for whatever reason, might be interested in my

It wasn't intended as spam and I'm sorry you perceived
it as such.

Angeline Hawkes-Craig

Fact is, no one recommended me to her, she just picked my name off an email sent around by editor GW Thomas. However, after a couple of emails, first to outline what spam is, what being unprofessional is, and with my spam rage still in check (I'd forgotten all about that term, though it is a really fine one) she apologised again, and is now not going to spam authors that she doesn't personally know or hasn't emailed before. Which means, uh, if you're not an author you could still get some.

She has a blog now, if you're curious. I think you are.
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