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Disposable Fiction (Statement)

Last thing on Disposable Fiction.*

I write disposable fiction in that I, the author, only want twenty to thirty minutes of time from you, the reader. What would you do with that time? Watch a show on the telly, sit on a train, doze on the couch, maybe play a bit of a video game. It's disposable time. I want it. I want you to read in it. I promise you nothing but the short sharp shock of that time, and at the end, if you didn't like it, toss the story and, if you could find aspect you liked/loved, try a different piece of mine another time. If you like it, excellent. If it blooms in your mind and lingers and turns into something unique, that's more than I could ever have asked for, and it's nothing short of a pleasure from me to you. Afterwards, feel free to try another piece. Disposable time for disposable fiction and whatever you take from it, you take, good or bad, is yours to do with as you wish. Certainly I made no claim on what happens after. I just want you for the time it takes to read.

I do not write my fiction quickly or hastily or easily. I don't churn it out. I want it to engage with the world that I live in, and there are many different ways to do this, and I'm exploring them all. I want a connection as a reader and I want to begin it as a writer. Which means, basically, that writing means a lot to me. This is why I deal with the process of publication to get it out to you, the reader. It can take from weeks to months to years to sell a five thousand word piece and have it appear in front of a person. This might make what I've said appear faintly contradictory, because who in their right mind would spend this long and then tell everyone that they write Disposable Fiction... but what happens before it reaches you isn't important. But once it gets in front of you, I'm more than aware of the fact that you have thousands--if not millions--of other pieces of fiction you might want to read, or just have something different you'd like to do, and how do you know how that is going to go? In the end, you might not like my fiction. Alternatively, you might. You might even find that the story did nothing for you, one way or another, which is probably the most common of reading experiences.

I do not think calling short fiction disposable is a bad thing. Some people might. Some people will disagree with this totally, as is their right, naturally. No one person thinks identically to another and I'm certainly not speaking for anyone else.

But I write Disposable Fiction. Fuck whatever else is said: the stories are short and I pour myself into each piece because I love what I do; but all I want from you, the reader, is a bit of your time. Time you'd use on something you don't care much for. Time you'd kill. Give it to me and my Disposable Fiction. Give it to me and see what happens. Maybe it'll be like the song that gets stuck in your head. There's the religious comedy 'An Examination into the Chinese Made Roman Toga', the uncommon form of 'Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)', the science fiction revenge narrative of Dream of a Russian Princess, the dark fantasy road story about body snatchers in Cigarettes and Roses and the alternate history of 'The Dreaming City'. All I want is a bit of your time. Don't look back. Don't look forward. Just a little bit of now. There'll be something new later.

* Which is now what I'm calling short fiction. It's meant with nothing but affection and love. It's catchy. I like it... and everyone else won't.
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