Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Wherein I Actually Talk About A Rejection.

Took this yesterday through the window on the train. I've tried to bring the glare down a bit, but you can really notice it on the chair. Still, I love this image. Old and new Australia.

Anyway, I don't usually talk about rejection, because it's mostly much of a muchness these days. "I liked it, but it didn't suit my needs/taste," is the general response. It's the nature of the beast and I can't imagine anyone would be interested in hearing where I've been bounced. But let me just say that I just got a really, really nice rejection from McSweeney's. I'd never subbed there before, but lately, since my work has gotten increasingly borderline in the Spec Fic genre--perhaps represented by the increase in doesn't suit my needs and tastes rejections, but I mostly think not--I'm trying new markets. I expected slush pile standard rejection here, but instead got very nice words, told to submit again, and assured that I'd be picked from the slush next time round. Now, in the cold, harsh light of my reality, it doesn't mean much since each new sub is a new sub based on a new reality and thousands of other subs probably get the same words, but gosh darn it, it certainly was nice and faintly reassuring for trying the non-speculative fiction markets. Can't argue it on that level.

Though now I got to figure where to resubmit the story. Joy.

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