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Year's Best Return.

Little Birdy's Bigbiglove is catchy. Bought on a whim and the vague memory of mention and the fourteen dollar sticker, I've no complaints. Plus, it's something a little different to the things I've been listening to of late.

At any rate, this entry is not about that. It's an update on The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy collection, edited by Bill Congreve and Michelle Marquardt. The other day Bill sent a public email around informing people that they can check it out here and make a purchase with paypal if you wish. The fabulous John Au-Yeung also let me know, a couple of weeks ago, that you can order the book from Galaxy Books, Sydney's big speculative fiction store. I forgot about it, but, you know, it works out better this way, I think. So for the people who were curious about finding the book before, here you go. There'll also be an American edition from Prime Books for those overseas.

Over on his blog, Shane Jiraiya Cummings has announced that he'll be doing an Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2005. I'm not quite sure that the world needs any more Year's Best collections (I'd rather see original anthologies, personally) but he's putting his money where his mouth is, and it appears that he and Angela appear to have an unlimited amount of energy.

So, if anyone asks, I'll be out back bleeding children dry to keep my youth for the rest of the day. Hold my calls.

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