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The Book of Shadows

Here's some writing news: Shadowed Realms will be putting out an anthology containing the fiction from their first six issues online. It will be called The Book of Shadows and I agreed to the reprint of my piece 'Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)' which'll snag me a copy of the book and that's about all. But I'm cool with that: I got paid fifty for it originally, you all got to read it for free, and this'll give me a dead tree copy of the piece. All good. For you guys out there, if you dig the site, you can buy a copy of the book and, I'm sure, feel good that the funds will end up back in the site, paying for new fiction or funky things like southern accented phone sex operators to record it for you as a spoken word track. The book will also come with some new material, but I don't know what that will be.

It's not much writing news, sure, but things have been quiet. It's better than the rejections that'll come soon enough, but not by much.
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