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'for the periodic staging, when elections come around, of a political public sphere fits smoothly into the constellation representing the decayed form of the bourgeois public sphere. initially the integration culture concocted and propagated by the mass media, although unpolitical in its intention, itself represents a political ideology; a political program, or any staged announcement whatsoever, must indeed not enter into competition with it by must strive for concordance...'

p 215.

'advertising is the other function that has been taken over by the mass media-dominated public sphere. consequently the parties and their auxiliary organizations see themselves forced to influence voting decisions publicistically in a fashion has its analogue in the way advertising pressure bears on buying decisions. there emerges the industry of political marketing. party agitators and old style propagandists give way to advertising experts neutral in respect to party politics and employed to sell politics in an unpolitical way...'

more on advertising in elections and such as it goes on. slightly skewed and not what i am looking for, perhaps.

p 216.
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