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Standing Outside with the Smokers at Parties and Avram Davidson's The Scarlet Fig

Taken at a party in St. Peters on Saturday night. I met a Spanish girl, got her number, and the following day was told about the boyfriend. Naturally.

This morning saw the arrival of Avram Davidson's The Scarlet Fig, which I paid for some time in the beginning of the year. I'm a bit of a Davidson junkie, and while I don't think the Vergil stuff is his best, I couldn't say no to something new and which concludes two books I did enjoy. The book as an object is a nice thing, though I wish it had been put in with some bubble wrap or something, so that the edges hadn't gotten a bit bent by the overseas journey. It has happened with other books I've ordered from the UK, so maybe the British have an allergy to bubble wrap, or there's a bubble wrap shortage because everyone is sitting at home with a cup of tea and popping the bubbles before posting. "I say, old chap, I'm not using bubble wrap for the colony. They're all criminals there anyway." Whatever: they don't make many books like the Rose Press' edition of The Scarlet Fig anymore, and I'm pleased with it.

And when I get some proper free time, I'll read it without interruptions. This'll be the end of the year, most likely.

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