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'now for the first time there emerged something like modern propaganda, from the very start with the Janus face of enlightenment and control; of information and advertising; of pedagogy and manipulation.

'the interdependence of politically relevant events had increased. along with its communal basis, the public sphere lost its place. it lost its clear boundary over against the private sphere on the one hand and the "world public" on the other; it lost its transparency and no longer admitted of a comprehensive view. there arose as an alternative to class parties, that "integration party" whose form was usually not clearly enough distinguished from them. it "took hold" of the voters temporarily and moved them to provide acclamation, without attempting to remedy their political immaturity. today this kind of mass based party trading on surface integration has become the dominant type.'

p 203.

the rise of a new political apparatus and the link to the public sphere, and how things have changed.

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