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Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy

This morning saw contributor copies of The Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy on the doorstep.

It came with a letter that informed that the release date is September, though if you were in Continuum, you could very well have snagged a copy there. The MirrorDanse edition (also known as the Australian edition) is a real nice looking book and it will be mass market, so if you're local, that means it won't just be tossed into the corners of specialty bookstores, but the corners of mainstream stores as well. It also means that supporting the book through purchase is a fine idea. If you're American, there'll be a hardcover edition put out through Prime, and it will look very nice next to the other twenty year's best anthologies released there, I believe.

Contents of the book are:

Margo Lanagan, 'Singing My Sister Down'*
Lynette Aspey, 'Dreaming Dragons'
Deborah Biancotti (deborahb), 'No 3 Raw Place'
Terry Dowling, 'Flashmen'
Kim Westwood, 'Tripping Over the Light Fantastic'
Rjurik Davidson, 'Bones'
Brendan D. Carson, 'Occam's Razing'
Geoffrey Maloney, 'Birds of the Bushes and Scrubs'
Cat Sparks, 'Home by the Sea'
Damien Broderick, 'The Meek'
Brendan Duffy, 'The Tale of Enis Cash, Smallgoods Smokehand'
Ben Peek, 'The Dreaming City'

There'll be a couple of launches, and I'll post up dates of those as it comes through.

* Recently nominated for a World Fantasy Award, and winner of everything local, including the new award I made up, called The Award for Winning Awards.
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