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'in this way special-interest associations have in fact left the confines established by the statutes regulating the status of associations under civil law; their stated aim is the transformation of the private interests of many individuals into a common public interest, the credible representation and demonstration of the particular association's special interest as the general interest. in this enterprise special-interest associations have far-reaching political power at their disposal not in spite of but on account of their private character; especially, they can manipulate "public opinion" without themselves being controlled by it. for this is the result of the dual necessity of exercising social power, on the one hand, and of claiming legitimation before the traditional standards of a disintegrating public sphere, on the other...'

more if needed. p 200.

--next paragraph--

'publicity work is aimed at strengthening the prestige of one's own position without making the matter on which a compromise is to be achieved itself a topic of public discussion.'

the publicity bit goes for the next few pages.