Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Reviewers Wanted.

From coalescent:

"Strange Horizons needs reviewers. Specifically, reviewers interested in a broad range of speculative media who can say a lot in a small space. I know there are people reading this who can and do do this on a regular basis: I want your submissions! And spread the word far and wide. If you've got questions, ask away."

Here's a bit of the guideline:

In the recent past, we've been focusing on what our submission guidelines call standard and extended reviews: in depth pieces up to a couple of thousand words long. We still want those, so don't stop submitting them. But now we also want more short reviews.

This means pieces around 500 words long, on any speculative art or entertainment that grabs your interest. Books, films, tv shows (individual episodes as well as whole seasons), comics, manga, anime, poems, stories, computer games... everything. The catch is that we don't just want summary, we want perspective. We want reviewers who can, say, recognise the tv and literary antecedents of Battlestar Galactica's take on military sf. And we want to cover the works you might not think of as sf, or that have that ill-defined thing, "an sf sensibility"--so we want reviewers who are happy exploring the uncertain edges of genre.

The short takes won't pay--at least, not yet (although of course if you choose to join our reviewers' mailing list and work with us regularly, review copies of books are free). What we want to do is make Strange Horizons the place to go to for informed reviews of speculative fiction and media. A place that looks at the obvious things with a fresh eye, and that finds the less obvious works and gives them the attention they deserve.

Strange Horizon's is a fine thing, and if you're looking for a way to get into the door as a reviewer, this is a good opportunity.

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