Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

there is a bit about engineering of consent (which is the central task, for only in the climate of such a consensus does "promotion to the 'public,' suggesting or urging acceptance or rejection of a person, product, organization, or idea," succeed.)

'on the other hand the consensus concerning behavior required by the public interest, or so it seems, actually has certain features of a staged "public opinion." although public relations is supposed to stimulate, say, the sales of certain commodities, its effect always goes beyond this...'

more in that paragraph of interest, perhaps. p 194.

--next paragraph--

'the resulting consensus, of course, does not seriously have much in common with the final unanimity wrought by a time consuming process of mutual enlightenment, for the "general interest" on the basis of which alone a rational agreement between publicly competing opinions could freely be reached has disappeared precisely to the extent that the publicist self-presentations of privileged private interests have adopted it for themselves.'

more on this, of course.

p 195.

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