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The Melbourne Exodus and Kicking INXS

I never thought of INXS as a world band (or as an interesting band), but apparently other people do. I'm sure that'll change soon enough, as Rock Star: INXS has just begun. You just can't be a credible rock group and have a reality tv show to find a new singer. Reality tv is the home of the washed up rock star or, in the case of Bobby Brown, the wife beating rappers.

Today is a bit of a mismatch mix of events as I try to settle things up for the next couple of days. I've a workshop to run, for starters.

Meanwhile, most of the Australian Spec Fic scene is heading to Melbourne for Continuum. I won't be there, which I'm sure is shocking, since my convention attendance stands at one, last year. Still, even if I had planned to go this year, the real world would have ensured that I'd be staying in Sydney. It's a busy next couple of days, though I'd chuck in the work as an extra if I didn't need the money so much.

I've been thinking, finally, of making some icons. I've never really had the itch for icons, but lately I've been thinking a few would be the way to go. Anyone got any ideas?
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