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'within such a public sphere large-scale advertising almost always also assumed the quality of being more than just business advertising--if only by the fact that it represented per se the most important factor in the financial calculations of the papers and journals and even of the newer media to the degree that they operated on the commercial basis. however, economic advertisement achieved an awareness of its political character only in the practice of public relations/'

p 192-3.
"opinion management" is distinguished from advertising by the fact that it expressly lays claim to the public sphere as one that plays a role in the political realm. private advertisements are always directed to other private people insofar as they are consumers; the addressee of public relations is "public opinion," or the private citizens as the public and not directly as consumers. the sender of the message hides his business intentions in the role of someone interested in the public welfare. the influencing of consumers borrows its connotations from the classic idea of a public of private people putting their reason to use and exploits its legitimations for its own ends. the accepted functions of the public sphere are integrated into the competition of organized private interests.'

--next paragraph--

'in contrast, opinion management with its "promotion" and "exploitation" goes beyond advertising; it invades the process of "public opinion" by systematically creating news events or exploiting events that attract attention. in doing so it sticks strictly with the psychology and techniques of the feature and pictorial publicity connected with the mass media and with their well tested human interest topics: romance, religion, money, children, health, and animals.'

more. much more about this around here. opinion management.

p 194.


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