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I'm particularly fond of skylines (and quite fond of this photograph).

Within the sky, everything is fragile. A wire contains information, a link, a frail connection between one person and the world, and a blotch can signal birds and planes and, even, falling bodies. Have you ever seen the eleven short films about September 11th? The most heart breaking of them all is from the Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, whose film shows images of men and women leaping from the broken, burnt buildings of the World Trade Centre and falling to their death. They start of as blotches, nothing, nothing, and as the film continues, the details grow. It's the most moving piece of cinema I've seen in relation to the subject--perhaps the only moving text I have seen, after being saturated with the images after the fact.

I was going through the The Flaneur website, today. If you're not familiar with the word, it's basically the name for someone who walks around a city, watching people, enjoying both watching and being part of the crowd and the city, both taking part and watching people in places such as cafes and parks and so on and so forth. It's generally the trapping of the over educated and bored, and I fall into both those categories every now and then, but mostly I just like watching people, and I like cities, and I like the thoughts that click through my head when watching the two (and being part of it). Don't let anyone convince you that it has to be frivolous, either. At any rate, if you do the click, you'll find a really excellent bit of photography by Brian Emery.

For those of you who have seen the word before, my apologies for not being able to make the little symbol over the a.

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