Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

'the separation of public and private spheres implied that the competition between private interests was in principle left to the market as a regulating force and was kept outside the conflict of opinions. however, in the measure that the public sphere became a field for business advertising, private people as owners of private property had a direct effect on private people as the public. in this process, to be sure, the transformation of the public sphere into a medium of advertising was met halfway by the commercialization of the press. conversely, however, the latter was also propelled by the needs of business advertising that independently emerged out of economic configurations.'

--next paragraph--

'the flooding of the public sphere with advertising publications is not explained by the liberalization of the market, although business advertising in the old style arose just about simultaneously with it...'

more after. might be of interest.

p 189. habermas.
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