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Observation #6019.

There's a lot of anti-scientology writing around of late. I can't surf five clicks without finding someone who wants to save Katie Holmes and talk about how scientology is built upon lies. Personally, I blame Tom Cruise. However, I am saying, as of this moment, that if you have to say these things, if you have to get up and talk about how stupid and wrong and how scientology is raping your mind... then you also have to take a few moments out discuss the idea of there existing anything rational in any religion that you can us as a comparison. Be interesting. Ranting against scientology is an ability kindergarten children have. As far as I'm concerned, all religions are filled with stupidity, and all religions simultaneously lie and benefit depending on the person, and all have nice bank accounts and people who want to help you and punish you and occasionally they're the same person... and this doesn't change if you're talking about the religion that has reincarnated aliens or if it has the immaculately conceived baby who rose from the dead and told people that Dad sent the angels to down to burn the heathens.

They're all fucked up, baby, and I wouldn't take money or candy from any of them.
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