Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

I'm Mr. Football Fan, Yes.

I'm in my office, having recently been giving a time I have to show up as extra on Monday. The film is called Footy Legends and I am, indeed, playing a football fan. My friend Cas, who is a football fan, and was caught on the street with me, finds it really kind of amusing that I look like a fan, and he doesn't. Personally, I think it might have something to do with the film being set out in the Western Suburbs and filmed in St. Marys, and that the director, young Australian of the Year, Khoa Do, wants a the kind of person who fits that kind urban setting. For those of you unfamiliar with Sydney suburbs, St. Marys is the shit stick of the Western suburbs, a tiny wasteland of low income earners and myths of street crime and drugs, rather like Cabramatta, where Do's earlier film, The Finished People was set.

I wonder, actually, if I should be blogging about this. I haven't met Do or anyone involved with the film, but a quick web search reveals a bunch of information for me. For example, the film recently received funding from "the Film Finance Corporation and NSW Film and Television Office... Icon Film Distribution will distribute the film in Australia and New Zealand, with Showtime/PMP taking Australian Pay-TV rights, while Fortissimo Films will handle international sales." In addition to this, the cast consists of "Anh Do, Angus Sampson, Paul Nakad, Steven Rooke, Emma Lung, Peter Phelps and Claudia Karvan." Phelps and Karvan are names I recognise, and Karvan's will be what it trades on, after Do himself, I suspect. Still, knowing this information, having scored a couple of days work there... should I be blogging it? Am I somehow breaking some sort of rule where you're not suppose to talk about what is going on in some film you have little interest in?

(I don't say that to fault the film, mind, which I have no idea about. Could be great. Simple truth is that I have no interest in film where an unemployed guy gets his 'mates' together to win some league game or some such deal. Or, as the write up says, "Set in Sydney's western suburbs, Footy Legends tells the story of Luc Vu, a young Vietnamese-Australian man who is obsessed with football. Out of work, and with welfare authorities threatening to take away his little sister, Luc re-unites his old high-school football team to win a competition that could change all their lives." Way not my interest.)

But it's interesting, I think, and I'm not much fussed. I'll blog my experience as an extra because it amuses me to do, and because I like film, but have no interest in working in film. I'm just along for the ride, wherever it takes me. Still, I find it interesting that before I head out on Monday I have a tiny nagging ethical concern that I might be over stepping my boundaries, whatever those boundaries of a guy hired to pretend to be a football fan are.

This, however, from my searches, is my favourite quote. It was written after Do won the Young Australian of the year award, and comes from the Age. I'll stick the raw link in the comments, but the reporters take on the landscape of Sydney just amuses me: "Cabramatta is a long way from Bondi Beach, longer still from the Sydney cliche of breathtaking views, pounding surf, bronzed, beautiful people and backpacking hordes hot for fast flings and adventure. Cabramatta has a heated reputation for something else - drugs, crime, violence, Asian gangs. Yet this maligned suburb in Sydney's west, which some have branded Australia's drug capital, is a font of inspiration, not fear, for 26-year-old Khoa Do."

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