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Johnny Cash (A Tale In Questionnaire Results)

This is neat. Over at Tangent Online, James Palmer reviewed Shadowed Realms #4 and said this about my story:

Ben Peek's "Johnny Cash (A Tale in Questionnaire Results)" breaks the bonds of the traditional short story to spin a tale of government cover-ups, black magic, and Johnny Cash songs. The story is laid out as a series of answers to questions, and is printed in cursive on government stationery (props to the web people at Shadowed Realms for adding an extra touch of reality to this piece). The questions aren't shown, but it's easy to tell what they are from the answers, and the story is quite clear despite the strange format.

Benjamin Li is the head of the Occult Research Division of a shadowy organization called Brandycorp, the owner of which is a magician. There are demons galore, and Ronald Reagan makes a pact with one of them in order to have a hypnotic effect added to his voice whenever it is electronically transferred. Oh yeah, and there are several references to Johnny Cash songs. After that, the story gets weird. This is one of the most inventive flash fiction pieces I've ever read. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Even though the font isn't cursive, you can still read it here.
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