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a few nights ago, i saw a bit on the news about australia's population.

it was, typical of the evening news, rather skint on the information. they didn't tell you, for instance, what some of the benefits of having a larger population was, and neither did they tell you the drawbacks. at the same time, they did not tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of a smaller population. what they did tell you, is that a australia doesn't have a population target, but at this forum, people were suggesting some. 25 million was one target, while the largest number was 50 million, and an environmentalist was apparently revising his suggestion of 13 million. why he was revising it was not said, but maybe he just likes people.

australia's controlling party, of course, doesn't have a population quota set into place. which, when you think about it, isn't surprising.

a population quota is designed to encourage people to the country. skilled labourers, educators, individuals with trades that can be used in aiding and abetting the grand scheme. (whatever that might be.) it even suggests that australia would take a proactive approach in trying to get people to come to the country.

given australia's current political climate, is it any surprise that this is not the case? encouraging migrants into the country is probably not very high on the governments list of things to do, and i imagine if it was ever put to the people of a country that has, recently, been fed all sorts of negative opinions and images about people from other countries, skilled or not, that the majority of the public opinion would be that the country doesn't need more people.

i will have to do some research on population quotas, i think. it sounds interesting.

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