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Capturing A Time

I've been running a bit of an informal poll around people I know, trying to find out if they've ever read a book, seen a film, passed a poem, come into contact with anything that captures the 'spirit' of Sydney to them. I don't mean something that is about Sydney, but something that actually sums up or comes close to how you view the city, a text that you could say to someone, "This is a Sydney book." Most people look sheepish and shrug and say, "No, I don't have one," which is fine, because neither do I. But lately I've been expanding it into texts that capture what Australia is about, if you can, I guess, since it's a rather difficult task to capture a nation's psyche and cultural time in any kind of way...

Still, the answers haven't been much different. So, in the aim of simply seeing what people think, and maybe growing my own knowledge, I've made a poll, and you are all free to take part.

Poll #509226 Things Australian

Name Your Book

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