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Street Conversations Update.

This might interest some of you: The Street Conversations Project will be printed up and appear in the creative writing b course (experiment writing) reader for session two at the University of New South Wales. Well, okay, not the entire project. It looks like 'Jesus' and, maybe, 'Lines' will appear in the course reader. I'll be using them in a pair of lectures on the city, and the course co-ordinator is all good with them being included in a paper way. I wanted to use 'Hate' because I thought that was the most interesting use of space out of the eight, but it was decided that a piece about abortion might cause more headaches than it'd be worth. I tried though. Still, it's pretty cool when you stop and think that a hundred or so students at the University are going to be reading bits of the project in the goal of expanding their mind and learning new things. Just wild, huh?

In other news, I have decided to change the name to Dialogues: On the Street, since my plan is to do a set a year using the dialogue format, either here or elsewhere, and I want a linking name. In relation to On the Street, I've an Artist Who Brings New Dimensions to The Project, so we're going to work it up and see what happens. Might be nothing, might be something. Only time'll tell.

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