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'under the common denominator of so-called human interest emerges the mixtum compositum of a pleasant and at the same times convenient subject for entertainment that, instead of doing justice to reality, has a tendency to present a substitute more palatable for consumption and more likely to give rise to an impersonal indulgence in stimulating relaxation than to a public use of reason. radio, film, and television by degrees reduce to a minimum the distance that a reader is forced to maintain toward the printed letter--a distance that required the privacy of the appropriation as much as it made possible the publicity of a rational-critical exchange about what had been read. with the arrival of the new media the form of communication as such has changed; they have had an impact therefore, more penetrating (in the strict sense of the word) than was ever possible for the press. under the pressure of the "don't talk back!" the conduct of the public assumes a different form. in comparison with printed communications the programs sent by the new media curtail the reactions of their recipients in a peculiar way. they draw the eyes and ears of the public under their spell but at the same time, by taking away it's distance, place it under "tutelage," which is to say they deprive it of the opportunity to say something and to disagree. the critical discussion of a reading public tends to give way to "exchanges about tastes and preferences" between consumers--even the talk about what is consumed, "the examination of tastes," becomes part of a consumption itself.'

--next paragraph--

'the world fashioned by the mass media is a public sphere in appearance only...'

this bit begins on page 171 and continues to 175, which is a bit too much for me to just type up in the form of one giant note. (you think, sometimes like i do, that i might be better off doing, i dunno, more coherent notes. but it's not true. i don't. i never have. mwahaha. heh. ah well.)

the first bit was taken from p 170-1.

habermas. say it. chant it. make love to it. you know, the more you say it, the less it becomes an entity.

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