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The other day I saw a link to Blogebrity, which lists popular bloggers in A, B, and C levels of fame. I saw the link about seven or eight times, because all bloggers appear to be doing at the moment is blogging about blogging (which is nothing like this post). Still, I scanned the list for blogs I read, found some, and was surprised by what was considered a B grade blog, as I would've thought it was a A blog or a C blog or a nothing blog, then did some thinking about how this blogebrity list was being worked out, then a minute later came to my senses and went and stared out the window for half an hour, as it was more productive.

Then, today, Neil Gaiman blogged about the traffic through his popular blog, since he has two counters, and the different numbers registered:

One sees 11.5 million in April, the other 11.3 million.


(None of the numbers having to do with this website and journal mean anything anymore. The last time they meant anything was around September 2001, and I learned that we had around 20,000 readers, and decided not to stop because, well, 20,000 readers was an awful lot of people. These days it's no longer an awful lot of people, it's just abstract numbers.)

An A-List blog, obviously.

I wonder how long until bloggers become celebrities in their own right, and blogging becomes an aspiration. Blogs are a tool that promotes the culture of personality and are, in the end, equal what makes reality TV shows like Big Brother and Survivor and so forth popular, and the audience is drawn back not by the work that the blogger has outside his or her webspace, but by a response that he or she has to the personality on the page. That's how Gaiman's blog works, though you'll find that it's a little different in sites such as Boing Boing. Still, I don't think the difference in the sites is enough that you can deny the place of the Boing Boing personalities, which are tied into what information is put through. In twenty or so years, there will be books written on Boing Boing and these will focus on the five personalities driving it, and what happened to them once the band went their separate ways, and what their influence on kitsch pop culture was.

I don't reckon it'll be long until the new geek cool is to aspire to be a blogging band, which will result in books/films/articles/whatever about a group of outcast geeks setting up a net hub in their garage.

Lets all hope that the sex and drugs carry those fictions, yes?

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