Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Bone in Colour.

Late last year I read The Complete Bone by Jeff Smith, which I really quite liked. It gave me the same joy that the European comic Asterix did (and might still do, though I haven't read any for years).

However, in last month, Scholastic began reprinting Bone in colour. The complete edition I bought was a bit on the expensive side and thirteen hundred pages and black and white and, really, not for everyone because of this. But the new editions have been chopped back into the original volumes that Smith collected them in, and sold for fifteen bucks, which means they are for everyone. Which means I bought one, even though I honestly wasn't planning on doing that... but the colouring by Steve Hamaker has made it like picking up a new book, and I just couldn't say no. So if you've never read Bone, but you want a cheap and beautiful intro, here's your chance.*

Link to Bonville, official website of Bone.

* It's good for kids, too, if you have any round you... which, y'know, I'm sorry if you do... no wait, I'm not sorry at all. Heh. Better you than me.
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