Ben Peek (benpeek) wrote,
Ben Peek

Observation #31

There really is such a thing as a bad thong butt crack moment. I never thought about it, so I never realised it was out there, terrorising people and chipping away at sexual desire, but it is. You people are warned. I warn you: butt crack is in no way sexy, but if your butt crack is highlighted by a bring pink thong that might glow in the dark, it's really, really, quite worse. Words wont--can't--do it justice. Thankfully, I didn't have my digital camera on me, and besides, I don't take those photos anymore. The courts made it quite clear that I shouldn't.

In other news, people are buying shirts and caps and other stuff with the Science Fiction is Dead logo. The coolness factor of this to me is unbelievable.
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