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Too Much Coffee Man

A new issue of Too Much Coffee Man is out. It's funny. You want a copy. One of the articles in it is Darth Vader's address to the United Nations, where he talks about the liberation of Cloud City.

"Our Critics claim that we are only interested in the Cloud City because of its rich gas mines. Nothing could be further from the truth. With interplanetary sanctions now lifted, the gas mines, held in trust for the people of Cloud City, will no longer have to operation outside the protection of the law and are free to produce and sell gas openly and to whomever they like. this comes at the cost of billions of credits to our government, not to mention hundreds of stormtroopers' lives..."


Here's the website.

Also, Shannon Wheeler, the publisher and illustrator of Too Much Coffee Man has a livejournal (tmcm), and he posts comics.

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