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Did You Ever Eat Rat Poison?

I just went out and checked the mail. There was this little christian booklet in there, with a blue and red cover made out to look like a little overseas envelope. It calls itself the Divine Letter (though on the cover it says A Letter For You) and, accordingly, the main theme of the Divine Letter is that, "You are bad, God has to condemn you."

But my favourite part of it is the section called Did You Ever Eat Rat Poison?

It says, "We all know rat poison is dangerous. 'But you have to eat it in order to know how it works.' Anyone, who talks like that is as unwise as one who reads bad books in order to know what is bad.

Good Advice: Don't Eat Rat Poison!

Don't let inferior literature into your house, but read only good books! Read books of men who have achieved a great goal, men and women who were heroes of faith. Read also what these people say about the Bible. But watch that even such good books do not take the place of THE BOOK; for the Bible must have the first place."

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