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Censorship and Blood


Cunt, Again.

No, I don't worry about people being offended by the use of the word cunt on this blog. To be honest, I think anyone offended by strong language has long ago left, which is fine as I won't be changing any time soon. Beyond that, I think it's ridiculous to censor a word from your vocabulary or to change your opinion (by looking down your long, nasty nose) of someone who uses a word such as cunt. I figure I missed the cultural meeting when we all voted on words that should be socially unacceptable, because if I'd been there, terms like 'Contract Employment' and 'Profit' would have gotten a bit more attention, and big business would be sitting around in tiny offices and saying things like, "We can't design our world view around that word we cannot speak."

A word is a word. If you're so caught up in meaning and being socially acceptable with your language that you can't view a word as a neutral object waiting to be polluted with meaning, then you're not my kind of cunt.



Being critical is a good thing. It's not something that I necessarily equate with being negative. You think that it's a disservice to talk about something critical? I think it's a mark that you actually did something interesting, even if it's a failure. Unlike the word cunt, I was at the meeting when society decided that we didn't want to be critical, didn't want to get involved, and maybe hurt someone's feelings. I remember saying, "If you do this, you'll simply breed a society where people equate critical with being bad. Critical will begin to mean that you don't like something. We'll lose our ability to have conversations that rise above what we had for our breakfast. We'll speak in hushed voices when we find something we don't agree with this--"

I was cut off by Dan Brown, who had yet to find a publisher for his first novel. Later, when the Church started being critical of The Da Vinci Code, he rang me to laugh and quote his bank balance.


Kathy Acker.

My nightmares are based on red. Red's the color of passion, of joy. Red's the colour of all the journeys which are interior, the color of the hidden flesh, of the depths and recesses of the unconscious. Above all, red is the color of rage and violence.

--My Mother: Demonology.

(Answering thirty questions. Counting down to number one. If you haven't asked, then why not?)

(Here's a link to an interesting article the cultural history of the word cunt. Haven't read the whole thing, but it's interesting so far.)

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