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This is an open call for reviewers from anywhere in the world. Feel free to copy and paste it around.

Last week I was talking about the need for a central review/sales site for the speculative fiction scene in Australia. It seems like an important hole to fill up, one that needs to be done, and things are happening in that direction, but at the moment it is primarily focused on the central review site. I'm not in charge or involved in it, but I'm lending a hand at this stage to get word out where I can, and direct people to it. The fine lady in charge is G. Jones (girliejones).

What you are witnessing is the birth of a central review site dedicated to Australian speculative fiction and Australian comics. It's going to aim to be comprehensive, but since no such site like this exists, it is being built from the ground floor up. That means it's looking for reviewers (and they need not be from Australia), so if you're curious, send queries and samples to girlie dot jones @ gmail dot com.

Also, if you have things you want reviewed, also contact her.

The important thing about this review site is that it is being founded by someone outside the scene, and that means that she does not carry the baggage of friends and kindness that has hampered previous reviewers before. It's got an excellent chance to become an even handed, fair and critical look at the work produced in this scene without any concerns for the relationships within.


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Apr. 26th, 2005 06:42 am (UTC)
be sure to contact her, then. it's all very much in the gathering people, getting things going stage.
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