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Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)

I figured this deserved it's own entry. My story 'Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)' is now live at Shadowed Realms. It's a darkly comedic little thing about working for a magician, Reagan's funeral and, of course, Johnny Cash. It's told in questionnaire results, and has been given a neat layout by Angela and Shane, the folk at Shadowed Realms. You can't spend the next ten minutes of your life in a more interesting way unless you've got a bowl of cocaine held on a midget's head right in front of you.

Do the click.

EDIT: Evidently, if you're using anything other than IE, the format is fucked. So switch back to IE when you got to read it, if you can.

EDIT AGAIN: By all accounts the problem has been fixed. Use the browser you wish.
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