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2005 Blog Snapshot Over.

Image from gapingvoid. It's one of the finest blogs out there, and you should read it.

If you've seen anything here you'd like to buy, follow links (some of it can be a bitch to find, I know) or go to the fine Project Pulp and buy shit there.

And lastly, my name is Ben Peek and this is my blog. That means I'm responsible for the madness, and I get the last pimp. Firstly, you should go to Shadowed Realms, where my story, 'Johnny Cash (a tale in questionnaire results)' is now up. Special neat design things have been done with it and it's a little something extra now, which just goes to show you what fine people Angela and Shane are. I also have another story, 'Dream of the Russian Princess' up at TiconderogaOnline, and my Ditmar Award nominated story, 'R' is in the anthology Agog! Smashing Stories, while my Aurealis nominated story, 'Dr Who? (Or the Day I Learnt to Love Tom Baker)' is in Forever Shores and 'The Dreaming City' is in Leviathan 4: Cities. That story will also be reprinted in The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Science Fiction. In 2006, my novel, Black Sheep will appear. In the last couple of months, I ran a fiction project that you can also scope out for free. And yes, I am kind of like a virus, but once I infect you... well, you go see a doctor and you're just fine. Simple course of antibiotics should do it.

The 2005 Blog Snapshot (also known as Interview Week and Pimp Your Shit Week) is going to be put up on Tabula Rasa to be held forever and ever in cyberspace. If you took part in it, and you want to update your bio, give links, new pictures, or just throw your love at David Carroll, email him at davidc @ or go to his blog, ashamel.

We're done.
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