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Interview Week.

I've an idea. A stupid idea, most likely, but I never seem to let that stop me. Starting on Sunday will begin Interview Week for Australian Speculative Fiction people and whatever else an Australian has.

Granted, this might not work. It might be that it turns shit, never happens, only gets a couple of people, but I'm willing to do it and use my little world here. It gets a bit of traffic--nothing huge--but given the size of the scene, and the promotional elements out there, it's something. It's my way of giving a bit of support and also having a one week throw up of everything going and, lets be honest, I'm curious, so why not?

Basically, it works like this: If you're a local and you've something to pimp, be it stories out there, a collection, a novel, a magazine, non fiction work, role playing stuff, something that can be bought and purchased, go to the previous post, and leave an option to be interviewed. State you want to be part of the Week of Whoring and you'll get five questions. When you answer them, supply me with an image of your work, or some odd little image of yourself or just something quirky and weird--and not too big--and I'll post it up on the blog as an entry.* If you've nothing to pimp you won't become an entry,  simple, but you got friends who got stuff, send them over.

So, you got some shit to pimp... bring it on.

EDIT: Looks like there'll be some web space given to this, too, so at the end a large archive of it will exist for people to go to and paw through. Space is being offered by David Carroll at Tabula Rasa.

* If you want to email it to me, or contact me thru email about this, use benpeek at
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