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Monday Moments

Heading into the final chapter of A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City. It's called 'the Morning City' and it doesn't look like it'll change soon. There are days when I wish I had that knack with beautiful titles, and I could come up with things like, 'Goodbye Desolate Railyard'. But the most I can manage are useful, utilitarian things. 

Since 'the Morning City' is the final chapter in a mosaic novel, it has to somehow capture everything that went before it, tie up the themes of the book, and yet not be repetitive. Those of you who read the Dreaming City' might be interested to know that Mark Twain returns, though this time he is Samuel Clemens, which seemed the way to go.

Speaking of 'the Dreaming City', I got proofs (or whatever you want to call them) from Bill Congreve and Michelle Marquardt for the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy 2004. It's still the same story, but it's just cool to be in a year's best book, so I feel like mentioning that. By all accounts the whole thing should be appearing sooner rather than later.

The Pope is dead.

Which, of course, is obvious. Turn on the television it is the event of the day. Personally, I don't give a shit about the Pope or the Catholic Church. He was like a one man crusade in the world of poor unbelievers, pushing his conservative views down the throat of the world. He refused to recognise homosexuals as humans, hated the right to a pro-choice lifestyle, and just said no to contraceptives in third world countries (and everyone in general) and he made a cardinal out of George Pell, thus giving that raving lunatic more credibility that he should ever have had. All those things pretty much smashed into the core of my beliefs on life, so in the end, my opinion is fuck him. Still, I was fascinated by the reports of his death. I was like a media vulture hovering over every tidbit, gleefully devouring every scrap tossed out by the Vatican. There was a report of him making a few new Cardinals before the end, but I don't know how true that is. It doesn't matter as the guys in there are going to elect the same kind of conservative as John Paul, and the Catholic Church will continue pushing its hate into the world as it has done for years, but what I really loved where the media reports on his health. You couldn't keep me away from those. I loved them. I loved how, despite the fact that he'd had a heart attack, dropped in and out of a coma, couldn't speak, couldn't move, and whatever else was going on as parts of his body shut down, the Vatican told everyone that he was peaceful, serene, and a bit on the chatty side.

I hope I die like the Pope.

There are now a hundred people on the friends list here. I don't know why, but a hundred seems a lot. I figure fifteen of you are reading this. Traffic who actually hit the livejournal front page in March was around two thousand two hundred unique hits, which clocked in around five and a half thousand hits all up. Last night saw people from Russia and Yugoslavia pass through. I don't know why I find the last bit so unutterably cool, but I do.

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