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Street Conversations, Again. (Includes Poll. Interaction Encouraged. Prizes to be Won.)

In the comments of yesterday's Street Conversation, jlundberg made the suggestion of turning the finished product into a chapbook.

The idea has latched itself into my head, but I'm not sure if there's a point. When next week is done, the whole thing will be up here, free for anyone and everyone, which was the intention. Is there even the vague need for a solid product? Would people buy it?

Personally, I like the idea, and for a couple of reasons.

The first is that I really like the whole dialogue format, and I'd like doing another set of these. Which, of course, got me thinking about doing it as an annual project. I really like the idea that, about once a year, I could release a small chapbook of these dialogues and have them unified by themes or place or whatever. (The idea is still in the jelly stage and I haven't allowed it to go much beyond that.) They would probably still be done first on the blog, like this.

Secondly, I like the idea that I could bring in different elements to a paper product. It would be too expensive to put photography with it, but lets face it, my pictures are amateur at best, and I wouldn't want them there. However, I do like the idea of little black and white drawings taking the place. I would still keep the black and red dialogue, but a series of sketches would work well, I think. Lastly, it would also allow me to change that horrible title I came up with. At the moment, my idea is that I would change it to Dialogues: On the Street.

Of course, there are practical concerns to be raised. A lot of you appear to like the series, but that doesn't mean you'd pay for it, which is fair enough. I never intended for money to be spent. I'm just sort of rolling with this and seeing where it goes, which might be nowhere. There is also finding an artistic to provide the sketches and who would work cheap. I'd probably just kick any money I got out of it to him/her, but there'd be no mistaking the really minor amount of cash that the artist would be working for.

And lastly, there's finding a publisher. I figure it would be difficult to find a publisher who would want to invest their time and resources. Of course, there's always the option of switching back on the Urban Sprawl Project as a print form, which I like, but which at the current moment, I don't have the resources to do.

So, anyhow, they're some of the thoughts in my head about it and since this is my blog, I created a poll for you all to vote in.*

Poll #465016 Street Conversations Chapbook Idea

Would You Buy a Chapbook?

I've read it and it was free and that's how I kind of like it.
I'd feel like you were conning me by offering new bits and say no.
Fuck no.
If it was reasonably priced.
Totally. I love this. I want more.

Anything You Would Like Add About This Idea Goes Here

* Yes, I'm hiding the results of the poll, firstly to give people privacy to say additional comments, and secondly to also prevent embarrassing myself in public. Sufficient to say, if you never hear about this again, a lot of people said, "Fuck no."
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