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When I began the Street Conversations Project, I didn't give much thought to the format. I just sort of went with it, riding on the burst of idea (indeed, the colour idea came from deborahb ten minutes before I updated the first one) but I've really gotten into the format. It's pure dialogue, sure, but I've found my voice for using it so that I am, more often than not, pleased with the totality what goes up. Indeed, I've been enjoying the structure so much that chapter eleven in A Walking tour of the Dreaming City is now done in the same structure.

I suspect that when they get read together, the Street Conversations might sound a bit similar, character voice wise. At the moment, I can't tell, but once it's done, I'll look back and learn how much I dislike it. (Which is the nature of it, really. It doesn't matter what the piece is but after I finish it and look back at it later, it's this alien thing that is filled with things I dislike.) At some stage during the first two weeks, I thought about trying a bit of phonetics. I tossed it, since I figured that I would need more time to make reasonable phonetic dialogue. Each part of the Street Conversation stuff is done in a burst, written on the Monday night, rewritten Tuesday morning, edited back and forth by Tuesday night. It then gets double checked by beautiful people and I update it on the Wednesday. Surprisingly, it has worked well, and I haven't hated it, as I worried I might when I began (he says, with two parts left to write). But it strikes me that if I hadn't done it with that week to week burst, that if I had allowed myself a bit more time, I might have stretched the language of each piece more.

Another time, maybe.

Chapter 11 of A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City is called 'Beat Takeshi'.

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