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Scot Snow and This Blog.

I thought things were dying down yesterday. The Scot Snow thing was done. Over. Whatever happens after this has nothing to do with me. The original post (and me, I suppose) has been described as brutal and without any finesse, a punch in the face, and that's about right. That's where I exist in this thing: I'm the outsider who is offended by the existence of another, and my reaction isn't tempered by emotional concerns. My interaction with this debate is thus limited to that one moment and others with more interest/friendship/caring have been left to deal with the fallout.

In the last couple of days, it looked like a healthy part of the local scene had passed the blog to look at the mess. From Saturday night to Tuesday the blog clocked over five hundred unique hits, and I figure you all weren't here because Geoff Maloney really liked my story currently up at Ticonderoga Online.*

But then yesterday we had two hundred and fifty people hit this thing.

It appears, from comments, that people are coming from outside the local scene now.** That's cool. Link it round, spread it, use it as object lessons, whatever you need. Make sure those pubs and bars are covered. In the comments one blogger is noting how, in the pressure of the college that she's at, she has considered faking up her work a bit, but the post made her realise that if you suck, the only thing to do is to work, to keep going, to earn what you get. I got nothing but respect for that girl. I got nothing but respect for anyone who does it that way. We've all been there at that moment, and the majority of us pick the hard road, and that's the road where my respect (and the respect of others) wait. And if, like some wonder (quite fairly, I might add), you wonder if any good will come out of this, or if all this publicity is good for Snow... well, far as I'm concerned, there's the answer.

Finally, this will be the last post about Snow. There's nothing new to say and I'm done with it. I haven't heard from him, but if I do, then you'll all hear, but I doubt that will happen. The only thing I have heard worth noting is a rumour is that Snow has canceled appearing at the Swancon Convention that is on down in Perth this weekend. That's it. Nothing beyond that. I'm sure there's a lot of conversation elsewhere, but it doesn't include me, which is fair enough.

For all the new people passing through here, Hello. Check out the other things. It's not all punches to the face.

* That was shameless, I know. Still, free fiction is free fiction and Ticonderoga is a fine place. Go read, go submit, go make them as rich as Nazis.

** Christy Marx who has written for the Twilight Zone has just left a comment explaining why it's likely impossible Snow worked for the TV shows he notes.

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