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Scot Snow, A Few Days Later.

The post about Scot Snow's bullshit has brought a lot of local scene traffic through the blog. For five minutes, it's a talking point.

In case any of you are curious, I've not heard from Snow. It's been all empty on that front. As to what that means, I've no idea. It could be that he's simply going to lie low and wait for it to pass. I'm one guy with a blog, after all, and it'll pass with enough time. Indeed, this can't be the first time Snow has been caught out. I remember him in the late nineties on the Warren Ellis Forum (WEF), spewing the same garbage back then. The only reason his name sticks is because of the Australian connection, but he's still known in the comic industry. Do a search and you'll see people like Andrew Dabb and Steven Grant talking about his self released album.

The thing is, this can pass over. Snow can come back later with smaller lies that skirt his truth and continue in the same way he always has. It shouldn't happen, but lets face it here, it can.

So, if you've got a blog out there and you're connected to the local scene and you're as fucking offended as I am by the existence of Snow's fake reputation, then link the entry. Spread it round. Spread it so that Snow can't walk into a bar in the empty outback parts of Australia without someone backwater, incest spawned bastard coming up to him and saying, "Hey, you're that fucking liar Scot Snow, right? Get the fuck outta my bar."

Also, lastly, the point was raised by Grant Watson (angriest) in the reply section that people were leaving anonymous posts and slagging off Snow. He's right: it lacks class. If you leave a post and you've no livejournal, sign your name. From now on, all nameless posts regarding Scot Snow will be deleted. I understand if you don't want to be public in your hatred for what he has been doing, especially if you know/like him personally, but empty voices have no weight. That's exactly what allowed Snow to keep this shit up for so long.
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