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The Old Hobo is Dying.

Small note about Life. Blogging might slow down over the next couple of weeks. I'm four chapters and two weeks away from having a complete draft of A Walking Tour of the Dreaming City. It's not the first draft, and indeed, finding a number for the drafts is a bit ridiculous, since I don't write like that. It's probably more correct to say that I will have a beta draft in about two weeks. That's when I kidnap people and find out if the reaccuring images, themes, colours, characters, footnotes, and everything else, work. I suspect some won't, but that's how it is with these things.

Still, I've been fucking around for the last two days and weeks, my energy all gone through sickness and just being sick of sitting at the keyboard. Which happens, y'know. Anyhow, tonight and the weekend is going to be shit all for work. The Black Keys are playing tonight, and I'm off to that, and the weekend is filled with birthdays that I can't ditch on (my mother and a cousin). Still, the real point is that I've been fucking around, and I don't want this thing to drag out into April by more than a week.

Which means that blogging will be turned down a bit, I think. I've got a nice system for blogging, so it'll still continue, but it'll be skint on any kind of big and intelligent entry. Bare with me.

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