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Art of Fighting, Live at the Metro, 11th March.

Saw Art of Fighting at the Metro last night. It cost me twenty bucks and I would have easily paid double, even at the Metro. I don't know what it is about the Metro and me, but every time I go there, I find that audience member and stand near him or her. In this case, it was a strung out junkie of a red haired girl who thought the objective of live music was to talk over it. Do that and you're the winner. Her friends kept her quiet for the most part, but being a strung out junkie, every attempt to keep her quiet was seen as an authoritive challenge, so the only thing you could do was feed her junk and hope for an OD. I've still got that hope, baby.

Art of Fighting, however, have an easy, laid back, chilled demeanor on stage. They're comfortable on stage, comfortable with the crowd, and know their music. You drift away with the dark melodies and sweet voices and it's nothing but a pleasure to be there. My only disappointment was that Peggy Frew didn't step up to the microphone for a few tracks, since I adore the songs she performs on the albums, but it's a minor disappointment. Main frontman Ollie Browne is more than capable of carrying the vocal duties. Still, I've decided that this lack of Frew live vocals is simply a reason to go back and watch them again, whenever that may be. It's a perfectly good reason, mind, since they're a beautiful band live.

They also do a fine cover of Lionel Richie's 'Up All Night'. It's worth the twenty bucks alone and is pure Art of Fighting.

In addition, I got to see Holly Throsby and theredsunband perform. The picture down the bottom is of theredsunband, and while it might seem like an odd photo, it's my favourite of the night. I don't know why, since the lead singer's missing her head and the third member of the band is missing, but fuck it, there you go. I'm not much of a band photographer, and to be honest, I won't be. I watched a whole bunch of girls crawl through the crowds, moving back and forth, taking photos with their SLRs and digital SLRS and it struck me that was a good way to miss most of the music. Band photos on this blog are mainly for amusement, not art. There are other people out there for that.

At any rate, I don't usually write about the intro bands. Possibly because I keep being subjected to Sarah Blasco and her ugly electric keyboard ruined music, but also because I just don't seem particularly moved before now. Go figure. However, I have to say, I really liked Throsby's dark folk act, and I really wish I'd take a semi decent picture of her for this, but I didn't. Just one from where I was sitting and we'll leave that to the hard drive dust. theredsunband, I thought, didn't live up to the reputation. Their set was troubled by a guitar and what appeared to be a cold for the lead singer, but the thing that struck me most out of place was that it began and it ended and about five words were said and their speaker sound was a bit off. It wasn't a bad set, mind, but unlike the guy who made a frantic grab for the set list for his collection, I didn't get what the fuss was about.


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